Practitioner Training

3 Day Foundation course (CPD accredited)

Breathwork is the next major skill that highly functioning individuals require to manage their energy, support their health, deepen their relationships, and optimise peak performance.

It is a skill that can be integrated into:
- Business as a way to optimise energy, productivity and mindful communication
- Health and healing, deepening the efficacy of other healing modalities and equipping clients to participate in their healing process
- Sports and personal training. Breath is a powerful way to access and express power of the body and mind
- Spiritual practice. Breathwork is at the foundation of many spiritual practices and traditions

This course is for you if you want to:
- Develop a practical skillset in breathwork that can be applied in every area of your life
- Create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills if you would like to further your career as a breathwork practitioner
- Integrate breathwork into your current skillset whether you are a health professional, psychologist, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, HR consultant, healer or teacher.

Course Contents
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

- Basic Respiratory Anatomy including the diaphragm and fascial system
- Respiratory physiology
- The breath in relation to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
- Principles of Breathwork and how it relates to energy management.
- The Convergence of Energy, Relaxation and Awareness

- Healthy versus dysfunctional breathing patterns and how to identify them in others
- Body Types
- Using the Breath to re-pattern the body mind system.
- Mindfulness and the Breath
- Breath as communication tool

- Exploring the spectrum of breathwork from breath awareness to conscious connected breathing
- How to use breathwork with other modalities
- Practical application of breathwork in various life and work situations
- Health: pain management, stress and anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, addiction
- Business and entrepreneurship: listening tool, presentations, voice modulation and posture
- Sports: Enhancing sports performance
- Healing and Spirituality: deepening spiritual states, activating the body’s innate healing potential

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Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course

The Breathwork Training and Certification Program is for anyone who wants to explore or develop the use of Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing as a tool for health, growth and change in spirit, mind and body. The training can be taken for one’s own personal development or in order to become a Professional or Certified Breathworker.

The 1-Year Program focuses on advanced breathwork practice, deep processing, group dynamics, breathing assessments and intervention techniques, breathing development exercises, spiritual psychology, sacred relationships, specific application of breathwork techniques in bodywork, counselling and psychotherapy, athletic and artistic coaching, and application of breathwork for various medical conditions, and self-improvement as a business. The practice of facilitating individual breathwork sessions is explored in depth and detail, assuring that the participant gains the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to establish an effective and successful professional breathworker practice. 

Note: The 1-year Program can be extended to 2 years. The training course includes home study of required and recommended books, podcasts and videos, and personal mastery of various techniques and exercises taught during the training. The program also requires certain oral and written reports. You move ahead on your path in a very informal manner, while at the same time formally documenting all the steps and training hours you complete.

This programme takes into account your prior training, your current goals, and your required learning. We’ll see that you receive all the knowledge and skills, theory and practice, and all-around experience needed to be a world-class Breathworker.

You'll synthesise and integrate a number of breath and breathing styles, schools, methods, and processes. You’ll create and invent your own unique exercises and techniques, while focusing on the basics, and building upon the tried and true.

Your role as a breathworker is one of breath coach, breathing guide, facilitator, change agent, practitioner, teacher and healer, and counsel.  Your work or practice will involve the
same steps you take in your own personal growth process: discovery, exploration, and development.

The training will meet International standards laid out by One Sky International Rebirthing/Breath Therapy Training (established 1990), as well as the International Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) training standards.

Course requirements:
• Self-study of course material
• Attendance of the 3-day foundation course
• 40 hours of additional training, one on one or in a group (attendance of group workshops will count towards this)
• Attendance of 6 group meetings/ workshops
• Facilitation of 5 group sessions/ workshops
• 40 consecutive days of self-practice for at least 40 mins/day with journaling
• 50 documented sessions (sitter). These can form part of case studies.
• 10 sessions as breather (one on one)
• 10 written up case studies.
• Participation in research when required
• Compulsory reading of all books on required reading list
• Attendance of at least two workshops/private sessions with Dan Brulè
• At least 3 warm and cold water sessions
• At least 2 sessions with another practitioner of your choice.

The Training Themes include:
1. The History of Breathwork
2. Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology
3. Energy Management and Breathing for Physical Wellbeing
4.  Body Mapping and Body types and how it relates to the breath
5. The Role of Emotion and the application of breath in emotional release
6. Belief systems
7. The Conscious and Subconscious Mind
8. The Neurobiology of Change
9. Energy Anatomy/ energy circuits-  chakras and meridians
10. The applications of breathwork including therapeutic breathwork, breathing for specific conditions, integrating breathwork into other modalities and the role of breath in everyday life.

11. How to run a breathwork session
• Letting go of agendas
• Creating the space for healing
• Mirroring
• How to hold space for emotional release

1. Breath Awareness
2. Conscious Connected Breathing: Methods, Styles, Process and Techniques
3. Coherent breathing methods
4. Prana Yoga

1. Alternate nostril breathing
2. Kaphalapati/ breath of fire
3. Bastrika
4. Sitali breath
5. Brahmari (humming bee breath)
6. Viloma
5. Vivation
6. Sufi breathing techniques

7. Therapeutic applications of breathwork
• Medical conditions
• Emotional states
• Addiction
• Peak performance/ leadership
• Sports performance
• Spiritual growth
• Breathing in Business
• Breathing with Children

8. Warm and Cold Water Breathing
9. The Buteyko method
10. The Wim Hoff Method

The first step is a submission of an essay outlining one’s interest, experience, and goals in breathwork; and biographical profile/resume. Once the course requirements have been fulfilled, a certificate will be granted.

Total cost of Course: R15 000.00
This includes: It excludes:

Course content and material
One on one and group training sessions (40 hours)
Monthly workshops
Water sessions

3-day foundation course
2 sessions with other practitioners
2 Workshops with Dan Brulè

Your facilitator – Dr Ela Manga

Ela is a medical doctor with a unique holistic approach to wellness who combines the principles of eastern philosophy, yoga, mindfulness, and western medicine. She is also the leading Breathworker in South Africa. Ela has over 15 years’ experience in supporting individuals and teams in healing the effects of stress and burnout. She uses modern medicine as a framework to dive deeper into the root causes of illness by drawing on safe and natural healing systems.

She has a natural ability to awaken heart and body intelligence, and her passion is in bringing mindfulness back into medicine and inspiring conscious living as a way of restoring and supporting health and wellbeing. Ela specialises in “Energy Management” which is vital in today’s fast paced ever changing environment, and her book is scheduled for publication in 2016.

Ela works in the corporate environment as a speaker, coach, and facilitator, leading wellness workshops and events. She is a consultant to high performers and major companies including Deloitte SA. Ela is also is a regular contributor to health publications including Longevity Magazine, and appears on various national TV and radio shows.

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