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Services Offered

One-on-one sessions (Adults and Children)

Talks – corporates, organisations, schools

Groups sessions – wellness days, schools


3-Day Breathwork Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is for anyone who would like to learn the basic skills of breathwork and who would like to integrate it into their lives and work. You will leave with fascinating insights into the science of breathing and a solid set of skills that can easily be applied in every aspect of your life and shared with your family, colleagues, students and clients. This three-day immersion is a life changing journey into the self.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Develop a practical skillset in breathwork that can be applied in every area of your life from health to business, sports performance, community work or spiritual practice.

  • Integrate breathwork into your current skillset whether you are a health professional, psychologist, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, HR consultant, healer or teacher.

  • Create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills if you would like to further your career as a breathwork practitioner. The foundation course is a pre-requisite for the advanced practitioner course.

The course is facilitated by Dr Ela Manga, Medical Doctor, author of Breathe and Founder of Breathwork Africa.

Johannesburg: 8 to 10 February 2019
Cape Town: 1 to 3 marc 2019

If you would like more information on the course or would like us to run a course at your organisation, please email marj@breathworkafrica.co.za.

Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course

The Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course (APC) is a one-year programme that has been designed for anyone who has felt inspired to deepen their exploration of breath.  The advanced course is limited to just ten participants annually, assuring that the participant gains the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to establish an effective and successful professional practice that is accredited by Breathwork Africa and its international affiliates.

This curriculum covers:

  1. The history and scope of breathwork
  2. The Science of breathing
  3. The Cornerstones of Breathwork and Principles of Breath Therapy
  4. Breathing for self-awareness, self-regulation and self-transformation
  5. How to conduct a conscious connected breathing session
  6. Thoughts, emotions and beliefs
  7. Energy Anatomy
  8. The applications of breathwork
  9. The client practitioner relationship and breathing as a business

The training course includes home study course material, required and recommended books, attendance of quarterly training sessions and monthly group Skype sessions as well as  one-on-one training. The course also requires written reports of sessions and case studies. Accreditation will be given once you have met all the requirements which can be submitted a year after completion of the course.

“The role of the practitioners of Breathwork Africa is unique. We are being called on to heal deep trauma and to invite a deeper understanding of each other through mindful and conscious communication. We are midwives of a new system based on love, compassion and understanding beyond the illusion of separateness. We are here to remind others of the innate healing force and potent medicine that we all have access to. Through our own dedication and commitment to this path, we will be supported on this mammoth task by breath itself.” - Dr Ela Manga

Next intake: January 2020 – you are required to do the 3-day Breathwork Foundation Course before embarking on the Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course.