Shut up and Breathe: Dan Brulé
Just Breathe: Dan Brulé
Light on Pranayama: BKS Iyengar
Evolve your Brain: Joe Dispenza
Heart Coherence 356: A guide to long lasting heart coherence: David O’Hare
Breathe Well, Be Well: Robert Fried
Free your Breath, Free your Life: Dennis Lewis
The Complete Breath: Jim Morningstar
The Work: Byron Katie
Anatomy of Breathing: by Blandine Calais-Germain
Biology of Belief: Bruce Lipton
The Science of Breath: Swami Rama
Radical Healing: Rudolph Ballantine
The Energy Code by Dr Ela Manga
The Healing Power of the Breath: Richard Brown and Pat Gerbarg
Holotropic Breathwork: Stan Grof
Rebirthing in the New Age: Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray
The Breathwork Experience: Kylea Taylor
Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly: Judith Kravitz
The Book of Doing and Being: Barnet Bain
The Art of Breathing: Nancy Zi