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Dr Ela Manga

Dr Ela Manga is an integrated medical doctor, author, speaker and the Founder of Breathwork Africa. Ela is the only medical doctor in South Africa trained as a Breathwork Practitioner. Her vision is to make breathwork accessible to everyone on the African continent and further field through one-on-one sessions, group facilitation, talks and training. Training includes the 3-day Breathwork Foundation Course and the 1-year Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course. Ela’s passion is supporting people who want to make a difference in the world.

Ela can be contacted on ela@drelamanga.com

Marj Murray

Marj Murray is a partner in Breathwork Africa and an Advanced Breathwork Practitioner. Marj was introduced to optimal breathing 4 years ago which brought about huge life changes on every level. She decided to start sharing her experience of the breath wherever she went and now does one-one-one sessions, group facilitation and manages the Breathing for Children program for Breathwork Africa.

Marj can be contacted on 082 561 3637 or marj@breathworkafrica.co.za

Alon Davidow
is a Body Balancing System practitioner. The Body Balancing System is a natural, holistic, and measurable solution to identifying and solving the source of pain. He uses Breathwork, Craniosacral therapy, Movement and Nutrition to help find a solution to either get rid of pain or manage pain effectively and without any negative side-affects.

Alon has done the Breathwork Foundation Course and can be contacted on 084-507-6413 or alon@bodybalancingsystem.com and www.bodybalancingsystem.com.

Bhashni Nana
founded The Just Love Project with Kerrisha Gopichand and offer workshops and retreats which are designed in a holistic way to help you heal past pain and move you into a prosperous and joyful future. Their purpose is to help people discover their inner power for personal growth and self-healing. In their Heal Your Life Workshops, one will learn how thoughts create your reality and how one can make changes in old thought patterns to create a new life.
Bhashni has done the Breathwork Foundation Course and is currently on the Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course.

Bhashni can be contacted on 082 211 1959 or info@thejustloveproject.co.za.

Priti Thakor
Priti Thakor offers one-on-one and group sound therapy sessions using Tibetan singing bowls, vocal toning and rhythmic drumming. The sounds are often combined with a guided meditation or breathwork to create an overall experience that could help a person de-stress, rejuvenate, become mindful or improve inner wellbeing.

Priti can be contacted on 078 357 5995 or priti.creatingu@gmail.com.

Sukku Ranchod
runs Wellness Within and her program is known as the Integrated Program on Balance (IPB). It’s a meditation class incorporating braingym, breathing techniques and deep relaxation for adults and children. Sukku also offers Specialised therapy for cancer patients, chronic conditions, Reiki treatments and courses, Energy healing treatments, Corporate wellness, and Facilitation, Training and development.

Sukku has done the Breathwork Foundation Course and can be contacted on 074 4570 196 or Wellwithin108@gmail.com.

Jean Rossouw
Jean Rossouw is a certified Yoga Instructor and in training as Advanced Breathwork Practitioner. Jean offers one-on-ones, group sessions and workshops in Yin/Yang Yoga, Breathwork for Students and Corporate Stress Relief.

Jean can be contacted on 073 239 0345 or info@bodhibreathwork.com.

Graham Minnaar run Breathwork Adventures and is a support of using nature for healing. Time spent outdoors exploring nature has profound healing effects and opens us to reconnect with ourselves beyond our busy, man-made lives. Using nature and adventure as our guides we explore the life-changing practice of breathwork as the foundation for self-mastery and living consciously.  Graham is a Firstbeat accredited Practitioner and use their Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology and advanced analytics to measure and track autonomic nervous system’s stress levels. This technology allows you to immediately understand the real effects of breathwork in lowering stress, calming your mind and body and promoting rest, recovery and resilience. Graham is based in Nelspruit in South Africa, on the doorstep of the Kruger National Park and the incredible natural beauty of the Lowveld area. Graham has done the Breathwork Foundation Course and is currently completing his Advanced Breathwork Practitioner Course.

Graham can be contacted on 060 669 4743 or explore@breathworkadventures.com

Martoinette la Grange
has done the Breathwork Foundation Course and is happy to support people through their journey.

Martoinette can be contacted on 082 561 8156 or mlagrange@tsebo.com