Welcome to our website

At Breathwork Africa we are committed to sharing the art and science of conscious breathing with anyone who is interested in or curious about change, healing transformation, self-awareness, personal and collective growth, and contribution to making the world a better place.

We work across sectors from grassroots communities to classrooms, health and fitness institutions, corporates, and healing centres through one-on-one sessions, talks, workshops, group sessions, retreats and practitioner training.

Breathwork Africa works with the science and art of conscious breathing to foster deeper connection and understanding of ourselves, to optimise health and well-being, build heart-centred resilience and rebuild communities across the African continent.

Breathwork Africa is committed to:

  • Creating greater awareness of breathwork on the African continent
  • Supporting an African breathwork community.
  • Equipping people in every area of society with the skill of conscious breathing
  • Training breathwork practitioners that comply with international standards and ensuring that the standard and quality of training is maintained
  • Providing support and information for breathwork practitioners