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Breathing with Children

We fundamentally believe that providing children with  practical and easy tools such as breathwork instils a sense of calm and helps build resilience. Breathwork Africa facilitates a Breathing in Schools Program, Adult and Child Breathing Works hops, Children’s Workshops and one-on-one sessions with children aged 3 to 13 years old.

The Benefits of Breathing for Children:

· Reduces bullying
· Strengthens the immune system
· Normalises heart rate and rhythm
· Improves coordination, concentration, teamwork and cooperation
· Improvement in sleep and eating disorders
· Improves relaxation and helps calm a child


· Clears and focuses the mind
· Reduces need for ADHD medication
· Improved attention and behaviour
· Improvement in school performance


· Improves self-regulation and self-containment
· Raises self-esteem
· Helps foster class cohesion
· Reduces stress and worry
· Reduces anxiety and depression
· Develops patience, confidence and independence

Our Breathing in Schools Programfacilitates the integration of breathing in classrooms and provides a support to educators.

The Aims of the Breathing in Schools Program:

  • Teach breathing techniques to enable children to better deal with anxiety
  • Teach breathing techniques to enable children to focus
  • To improve family and social dynamics
  • To create a platform for living in the present from a young age
  • Create breath awareness in educators
  • Provide an additional support tool to educators
  • Create breath awareness in children in a fun way
  • Teach breathing techniques to enable children to better deal with their emotions in the moment

The Programs currently offered:

Breathing in the Classroom
Breathwork Africa practitioners spend 10 hours with the learners across various grades to teach conscious breathing techniques to help with anxiety, sadness, concentration and focus. One hour is then spent with educators to integrate techniques into the classroom environment

Educator Support Workshop
This workshop is offered to schools to assist educators to integrate breathing techniques into the classroom. It is a 1-day workshop focusing on specific techniques and then 4 hours spent in the classroom with the educator imparting the techniques to the learners.